Career or personal life, your comfort zone will be the death of you. It’s that snuggly little area in your where everything is neither good or bad. The want for more does not need to be about money or material items… for me it is personal growth and the ability to create. If that resonates with you, growth in any sense of the matter is not born in comfort.

Unfortunately, outside of this content feeling, pain and discomfort will be at your door. So why on earth would you want to stop feeling comfortable? For some this is where you may stop reading but maybe the curiosity for more has lured you in. Maybe you can relate to myself? There is a disconnect in my head between what truly makes me happy. I want to be comfortable and content yet to be content I need to create and find new opportunities and avenues. Can you see my problem? If creativity and personal growth is born in discomfort yet we strive for comfort, what on earth are we supposed to do?

Time after time I hear about ideas around business, podcasts, music careers… all this talk and no action and it truly depresses me. What happens after these exciting talks and false plans is you get older and gain more responsibility. The idea gets lost in life, the feeling of comfort stays the same and then the what if questions will appear causing discomfort and regret.

Short term comfort will cause long term discomfort if you are one of these people.

If you want more but the comfort zone has its grips around your throat and the thought of taking a step outside scares you then stick around, read the rest of this. Listen to my podcast and let’s get to work.

So, you have an idea, is it a business? Is it a music career? Do you want to go to space? Maybe you want that creative role in the business you are in already? What is the one thing stopping you for taking anything you want? It’s easy, it’s you.

You need to go from zero to one and sometimes this is the hardest step of all, you may worry about what people think, you may have a something in your head about embarrassment if you fail or you may not even know how to take the first step towards your idea. Personally, these elements do not really affect me however I do really empathise. To get over the first two points is easy, stop giving a fuck.

In reality no one is really going to care what you are doing unless you plan on doing some dark things that you should not be doing, you should be safe. In most cases people are actually really supportive, for me sometimes it was actually too much… when we first launched Sinple the amount of people trying to help got overwhelming. I went through a funny stage of feeling guilty if I didn’t take someone’s opinion and actioned it. Some sort of, they have gone out of their way to help me. Support is good but this is your idea, take the direction you feel is best while taking on board what people have to say.

Failing. The second point. If you have high ambitions, you are going to fail. Why has society put emphasises on that failing is negative? Failing is a learning opportunity. You learn quicker from pain than you do anything else. Think about it… you touch a hot pan and you immediately register not to do that again.

When we first started our water bottle company at university we lost 5k down to not having searched the market properly, not creating a business plan and not finding out what demographic we want to target… pretty big mistakes which led ultimately to the failing of the company and a personal bill that had to be footed. This experience could have gone two ways, we could have gone that hurt too much and retreated back to comfort or broken-down what mistakes we made pick up a book and go again.

The third point is by far the easiest but I found the hardest. I used to get anxiety talking to new people in the business world and even picking up the phone which stunted my business career growth. Let’s say you have an idea about starting a podcast but have no idea how to do it, speak to someone that is doing it. We live in a world of connectivity where you can literally talk to anyone you want. This needs to be used and abused.

So now you have read this and you are over what people are going to think, the dear of failing and you know how to take the first step what’s stopping you?

Do you want to know a secret? Well the more you do outside your comfort zone the easier it will get. The more you work on that idea the better you will get. The more time you put in, the more you will get out. My dad used to say that to me and it always fell upon deaf ears however I get it now. The more you work on it, the more you will learn, the more you learn the better you become and the better you become the more successful the idea will be.

There is also a psychological reason behind this, it’s called systematic desensitisation. This is simply you becoming desensitised when you are systematically exposed to the stimulus that once caused you discomfort. For example, if you were to learn how to fly a plane the 7thlesson would be significantly less scary than the first. This is because firstly, you have done it before so you know what to expect (you have been exposed to the stimulus) and secondly, you have learned a lot more from day 1 to day 7 meaning you have a general understanding of what to do. You are now building a new comfort zone from something that caused you discomfort.

Please do not let your comfort zone hinder your great idea or that career you would like to pursue. You are the only person in your way and you can do more if you choose to do so.

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